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Cana Island Lighthouse Mosaic

Cana Island Lighthouse Mosaic

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The Cana Island Lighthouse Wood Mosaic is a beautiful piece of artwork that captures the essence of this iconic lighthouse located in Door County, Wisconsin. The art piece is made from a combination of different types of wood, including cherry, oak, cedar, walnut, hickory, birch, mahoganyl and maple, which have been carefully cut and arranged to create a stunning representation of the lighthouse.

The wood pieces are arranged in a mosaic pattern, with each piece carefully chosen to fit together like a puzzle, creating a beautiful and intricate design. The wood has been sanded and polished to bring out its natural beauty, giving the artwork a warm and inviting feel.

The artwork depicts the Cana Island Lighthouse in all its glory, with its towering white structure standing tall against a backdrop of blue oak and hickory skies and green trees. The intricate detailing of the wood mosaic captures the texture and depth of the lighthouse, from the smooth curves of the tower to the intricate details of the lantern room and the railing around the observation deck

Measures 19” by 25” including frame. 

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